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Bringo is a team of young professionals working for results. Bringo is a developer of unique software for integrating corporate clients with mobile operators and mobile applications (WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp) for SMS notification, VOIP and billing systems.

The main task of the company is to develop and support modern software solutions in various industries, helping corporate clients to develop their business.

We are looking for a PHP developer to join the backend and frontend teams of our projects.

Bringo has a blog at Habr.

Requirements for candidates:

  • Good knowledge of Yii2;
  • Good knowledge of PHP7 and OOP;
  • Phpdoc code documentation;
  • Experience with PostgreSQL is desirable;
  • Experience with amphp will be good addition;
  • Basic knowledge of Linux;
  • Ability to work with version control systems (git);
  • Work experience in the specialty at least 5 years


  • Full time work;
  • Office 5 minutes from Airport metro station, on foot;
  • Opportunity for training and development in their professional field;
  • Registration according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Office work, 40 hours a week;

Benefits of working at Bringo:

  • Completely "White" salary, all taxes, including personal income tax 13%, the company pays for the employee;
  • Additional medical insurance in the best clinics in Moscow from Medsi;
  • The company covers the costs of moving to Moscow, as well as assistance in organizing the move for specialists from other cities;
  • Joint holiday trips abroad at the expense of the employer;
  • Corporate trips to specialized conferences and exhibitions, visa processing and all overhead costs are paid by the employer;
  • Corporate and entertainment events for employees (at the request of the employee);
  • Bright A-class office with panoramic views, kitchen, cafe, dining room, etc .;
  • Free warm underground parking in the business center where the office is located;
  • Own IT R&D laboratory;
  • An international company with offices in London and Moscow, selling its services abroad;
  • All income Bringo receives from abroad, so there are no risks from the fall of the Russian economy, oil prices, etc.;
  • The workstation (PC) and all the necessary licensed software functionality are assembled according to the employee's recommendations;
  • It is possible to start work from midday, so that the employee does not get into rush hour;
  • Working in a team of professionals and like-minded people;
  • In the event of a temporary transfer of some employees due to COVID-19 to a remote work, the full salary is saved and all the tools for remote work are provided;
  • Corporate banking products, for example, Mortgage, at a reduced rate for employees of the organization within the framework of the Salary Project;

Russian company [ ООО Бринго ]
United Kingdom representation [ Bringo Group Ltd. ]

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